Maintaining gaming stuff in your gaming room with a tight budget isn’t an easy task. Especially, when you’re looking for one of the best gaming monitors under 200.

If you are a pro-gamer, you know the importance of the right monitor screen for your gaming experience. The rapid and advanced development in techs has also influenced monitors tech and made it tough for some gamers to battle against their competitors.

The advanced monitors containing better specifications do have effects on gaming. The one with the advantage of better resolution, bigger refresh rate, larger screen size, and lesser response time can easily claim the victory as compared to one that has none.

However, by time as technology gets older, it’s becoming cheaper as well, so you shouldn’t be worried at all, now you can avail yourself those high-tech monitors even if you have a limited budget.

Let’s say, you need a better quality screen for gaming but you don’t want to buy an LED tagged with a high price, so why not look for monitors with a low budget? With thorough research, you eventually will end up getting the best gaming monitor under $200.

But you don’t need to do that as well, We’ve already done that for you. We’ve picked up the 10 best gaming monitors under 200 that will meet your requirement.

Best Gaming Monitors Under 200 – (List)

AOC G2590FX 25 Inch Frameless Gaming Monitor under 200
24.5″ | 1920×1080 | 144hz | 1ms | Flat
MSI 27” FHD Super Narrow Bezel 144Hz Gaming Monitor Optix G272 (Optix G272)
MSI Super Narrow Bezel
27" | 1920×1080 | 144hz | 1ms | Flat
Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24 Inch Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor
Acer XFA240
24" | 1920×1080 | 144hz | 1ms | Flat
Sceptre-24-Inch-Curved-144-Hz-Gaming-Monitor under 200
Sceptre 24-Inch Curved
24" | 1920×1080 | 144hz | 1ms | Curved
Sceptre IPS 27
27" | 3840×2160 | 70hz | 5ms | Flat
BenQ Ultra-Slim Bezel
27" | 1920×1080 | 60hz | 5ms | Flat
LG 27GL850-B 27” Ultra-Gear
LG 29UM59-A
27" | 2560×1440 | 144hz | 1ms | Flat
AOC-C24G1A-24-inch-Curved-Frameless-Gaming Monitor under 200
29" | 1920×1080 | 165hz | 1ms | Curved
AOC 24G2 24 inch Frameless Gaming Monitor under 200
AOC 24G2
24" | 1920×1080 | 144hz | 1ms | Flat
LG-Full-HD-IPS-UltraWide-Monitor-25UM58 gaming monitor under 200
LG 25UM58
25" | 2560×1080 | 75hz | 1ms | Flat

How To Find The Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

Buying the best gaming monitors under 200 is not an easy task, as you don’t have many options because of the cheap price range. But you can do it in the right way if you get to know some important things before purchasing one.

First of all, you must know the basics about the monitors and how do they work with different requirements and specifications. In this blog, I’ll try to cover up as many facts as I can just to provide you with the best knowledge regarding gaming monitors.


Development In Gaming Monitors

It’s a saying that when you want to know about something, always look for how it started, and then you will discover the real facts about it. As we all know, monitors were invented to visualize the computer screen and to read the data.

Monitors to visualize the computer display were invented in the 70s, before that computers were only able to provide output on printed paper. The first monitor was designed to display only texts and numbers.

But by the time, monitor technology keeps evolving, improving its features and abilities to visualize more things like advanced office documents, images, and videos. Those early monitors were called CRT, which were succeeded by the LED technology.

Evolution in computer gaming began when Stanford University hosted a competition among gamers in the 70s. However, it took up to 20 years for computer gaming to influence the gaming world. In the 90s, real gaming started, when some of the gamers took competition individually.

One of the most famous and loved games, Street Fighter II was the one that made the head-to-head competition popular. This game provided the idea of many multiplayer games, many of which are still being played. It provided the game developers with an opportunity to create more realistic and energetic multiplayer arcade games.

However, further developments in the gaming world like the invention of different genres with high-graphics specifications invented the need for high-tech monitors with better output. The basic and technical factors include resolution, refresh rate, response time, and screen size.

Today, many games cannot be played on an ordinary monitor with less than 720p resolution and less than 60hz refresh rate. Even multimedia work like graphics designing and video editing also requires high-tech monitors at least greater than 720p resolution. Inevitably, you must need the best gaming monitor for your prominent gaming experience.

Why Should You Need The Best Monitor For Gaming?

As we have discovered that many games require high-tech advanced gaming monitors and cannot be run on low-resolution monitors with a lesser refresh rate. That’s the main reason that you should need the best gaming monitor.

And what could be the downsides of not having the most suitable gaming monitor? Imagine you are playing and about to eliminate your last standing foe, and suddenly there appears a lag in your screen and you lost the round. You wouldn’t wish it to happen to you. That’s why you need the best gaming monitor.

Besides, some games have high requirements and cannot be played properly on an ordinary monitor, therefore, it is necessary to purchase a monitor that at least meets the recommended requirements for the game. However, it’s always better to get more than recommended to eliminate a single chance of screen lag or graphics incompatibility.

What To Look For Before Purchasing A Gaming Monitor?

There are 2 basic things to look for before purchasing any monitor, your budget and monitor’s specs, everything else comes after them. However, the more you spend the better you get, but we are neither talking about expensive budgets now nor it’s always true that only expensive monitors can give you the best experience. You can still manage to purchase the best gaming monitor under 200 if you are looking accurately.

All you need to do is get the best knowledge about the basic features of any monitor which are resolution, screen size, refresh rate, and response time. The minimum requirements for any gaming monitor are as under:

  1. Resolution: The minimum resolution for any gaming monitor must be higher than 720p.
  2. Screen Size: For the best experience you should have at least a 24″ screen size.
  3. Refresh Rate: The least you can get in refresh rate specifically for gaming is 60Hz. less than that is not recommended.
  4. Response Time: Less than 5ms is considered a suitable response time for gaming monitors, more than that will do you no good.

Besides, if you want to get more info about these basic features, you can find several articles in this blog.

Compatibility Of Gaming Monitors

Now you know about the basic specs for the gaming monitor, it’s time to know their compatibility with your games. Though the minimum requirements for the gaming monitor are mandatory it doesn’t mean that you can play any game having the least compatible monitor. You surely will need a better one if you play high-graphics games, otherwise, 60hz and 720p will be of no use.

However, you don’t need to worry about it at all. We’ve picked up the 10 best gaming monitors for under $200 for you. All you need to do is to choose the best one for yourself.

Best Gaming Monitors Under 200 – (Index)

1. AOC G2590FX 25″ Frameless Gaming Monitor
2. M SI 27” FHD Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel Gaming Monitor
3. Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24″ Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor
4. Sceptre 24-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor
5. Sceptre IPS 27″ 4K UHD LED Monitor
6. BenQ 27 Inch Ultra-Slim Bezel Monitor
7. LG 29UM59-A 29-Inch UltraWide Gaming Monitor
8. AOC C24G1A 24″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor
9. AOC 24G2 24″ Frameless IPS Gaming Monitor
10. LG Full HD (25UM58) IPS UltraWide Monitor

Best Gaming Monitors Under 200 Reviews 2022

1. AOC G2590FX 25 Inch Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC G2590FX 25 Inch Frameless Gaming Monitor under 200

Screen Size: 24.5″ | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Screen Surface: Flat Specific: Gaming, Personal

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  • G-Sync
  • Ideal Refresh Rate
  • Ultra-thin
  • Highly responsive
  • Stand only tilts
  • TN Panel


If you were thinking that you will not find one of the best gaming monitors under 200 that can fulfill all of your needs, then change your mind now, because here we chose this amazing AOC G2590FX to add up some extra fun to your gaming experience. Let’s discover a little more about what abilities does this beautiful display machine has and how will it improve your gaming experience.

Meeting the minimum requirements of a 24” screen size, AOC G2590FX has some exceptional features that will blow your mind. Not just an ideal screen size but that too with a frameless body with ultra-thin bezels that can save you some inches of space and increase the aesthetics of the body.

What more can you get? Its 1ms response time will be something you probably didn’t expect to get under the $200 budget. But that’s it, you can enjoy one of the fastest response time monitors while eliminating your foes and marking victories.

Not just that. The combination of the refresh rate of 144Hz and the resolution of 1080p will visualize a perfect display without any unexpected lags and pixel issues. If you are hunting the best 144Hz gaming monitor for under 200 dollars, this might be your choice. However, you can always look for another best suitable choice if you see it misfit for yourself, the list just began.

Besides, you could face some brightness and contrast issues in darker rooms, other than that this amazing monitor under $200 is good to go for the best gaming experience.

2. MSI 27” FHD Super Narrow Bezel 144Hz Gaming Monitor Optix G272

MSI 27” FHD Super Narrow Bezel 144Hz Gaming Monitor Optix G272 (Optix G272)

Screen Size: 27″ | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms
Screen Surface: Flat | Specific: Gaming

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  • Amazing Reflection Handling
  • Ideal Refresh Rate
  • Low Input Lag
  • Low Pixel Density
  • Ergonomics issue


You might be wondering how can you get one of the best gaming monitors under 200 that is specifically made for gaming. Leave that to us! We’ve brought you one of the finest gaming monitors that will take your gaming level on another level.

This superfast MSI Optix G272 has the ideal refresh rate of 144Hz with a 1ms response time, a combination that any gaming monitor needs to perform like a bullet. The advantage of this feature can be best utilized while playing first-person shooting games.

Many gaming monitors under $200 lack IPS Panel, but Optix G272 is also equipped with an amazing IPS Panel that is a solution to many gaming problems like image distortion and blind spots, etc. This powerful IPS panel is responsible for generating one of the best views ever on the screen and that too is under $200. What more do you need???

Alright, if you want more under $200, check out its adaptive sync technology that provides ultra-smooth displays with a suitable definition. As well as this tech will enhance the performance of your GPU by syncing the refresh rate of your gaming monitor with GPU.

If you haven’t already been impressed, check its color display. Optix G272 like other products of the same series produces the best and true color display. You will get a more realistic gaming experience as compared to other general monitors. However, you might have to struggle with placing the stand on your ideal display position, besides this

3. Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24 Inch Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor

Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24 Inch Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor

Screen Size: 24″ | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms
Screen Surface: Flat | Specific: Personal, Business, Gaming

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  • High-quality display
  • G-sync compatibility
  • Low input lag
  • Ultra ergonomic support
  • G-sync is Unusable Over HDMI port
  • Often bad connectivity


If you haven’t picked a monitor, check out Acer’s XFA240 gaming monitor which also provides one of the best gameplay experiences. This G-SYNC viable monitor provides you with a greater amount of what you need in a gaming experience. Smooth, sans tear interactivity! Release gaming’s greatest potential to give more extravagant colors a long way past what has been already conceivable.

Like every other best gaming monitor, this Acer’s XFA240 also comes up with the ideal refresh rate of 144Hz and 1ms response time as well as the resolution of 1080p. These basic features are enough to take their place among the best gaming monitors under 200, but these aren’t the least you can expect from this amazing display machine.

It’s NVIDIA G-Sync technology allows 144Hz best refresh rate with your GPU. This sync just not only improves the monitor’s display but also enhances the speed of rendering, so that you can smoothly fight against your opponents while toggling between your favorite gears.

Apart from all the amazing features and display enhancing technologies, the Acer’s XFA240 also cares for your eye-sight. Its blue light filter, comfortable view, and low-dimming tech help you protect your eyes during hours sitting in front of the monitors while playing long-round games.

Besides, many monitors lack the best ergonomic support, but Acer’s XFA240 provides you with your desired viewing angle. This amazing stand allows you full control by tilting, swiveling, and moving it up and down. Keep rotating it until you see it fit for your view.

No one can deny the capabilities of this one of the best gaming monitors under 200 prices, but still, it has some cons like any other monitor. For example, you could experience bad connectivity sometimes, and you won’t be able to use G-Sync over HDMI Port. Apart from it, everything is good to go.

4. Sceptre 24-Inch Curved 144 Hz Gaming Monitor

Sceptre-24-Inch-Curved-144-Hz-Gaming-Monitor under 200

Screen Size: 24″ | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 3 ms
Screen Surface: Curved | Specific: Personal, Gaming, Business

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  • Curved Display
  • Ideal Refresh Rate
  • Supports only 120Hz on Xbox


Still can’t decide which one to pick? Alright then try this one. There’s a specific reason for each of these monitors behind our selection of the 10 best gaming monitors under 200. What’s particular about Sceptre 24-Inch Curved gaming monitor? Let’s discover!

Along with the magic of 144Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time, and HD resolution of 1920×1080, this amazing display machine has some exceptional features to blow your mind.

First of all, let’s have a look at its curved style. You cannot find many monitors as the best gaming monitor under $200 that come up with aesthetically astonishing curved style. This curved display monitor provides an extremely visual experience in a main 1800R screen and flows as the pictures seem to fold over you for an inside and out, vivid experience.

Secondly, many monitors now discontinued the built-in speaker’s feature, but this Sceptre 24-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor preserved the classic feature of built-in speakers, but of course with improved aesthetics. However, these speakers cannot make loud sounds but you can get office-level audio from them.

What’s more, in Sceptre 24-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor is its FPS and RTS feature that allows gamers to enjoy the gaming experience up to its optimum level. These 2 features are custom display settings that are designed for providing the best gaming experience with the first-person shooter (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS) games.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the ergonomic adjustment at all. You can simply hang Sceptre 24-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor on the wall with its wall mounting VESA pattern.

5. Sceptre IPS 27 Inch 4K UHD LED Monitor


Screen Size: 27″ | Resolution: 3840×2160 (4K) | Refresh Rate: 70 Hz | Response Time: 5 ms
Screen Surface: Flat, | Specific: Business, Personal, Gaming, Multimedia

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  • Multiple ports
  • Wide view angles
  • Anti-Flickering feature
  • Command Buttons are on the Back
  • Low Refresh Rate


Here, we’ve added another perfect piece of technological art of Sceptre, its IPS 27″ 4k LED monitor. Why did we choose it as one of the best gaming monitors under 200? What are its capabilities and what are its prominences? Let’s discover together!

There are only a few gaming monitors that offer 4k UHD resolution and cost under $200. If you are offered something like that, it’s not a bad deal. This amazing Sceptre IPS UHD gaming monitor provides you with the best of the best displays and a wide density of pixels with 3840×2160 resolution.

Which results in the greatest image display that you could hardly find in any other monitor under a $200 budget. But of course, the resolution alone cannot make a difference at all, you’d surely want something more.

So, what more this super HD monitor provides?

Just look at its Anti-Flicker feature that prevents the backlight from flickering and displays a crisper picture in front of you, so you won’t miss a single small definition while playing some super-fast game, like a first-person shooter or some racing games.

That’s not it. Another reason why did we pick this monitor is its IPS panel. And did you know? IPS panels are the most reliable panels in gaming monitors. You probably are thinking, what’s special in IPS panels?

The answer is simple,  no one wants to get annoyed by color-changing or fading while watching from different angles. Along with its other benefits, the IPS panel prevents this problem, so you don’t get annoyed.

Besides, its 350 Lux feature allows you to see a more realistic color display than any ordinary monitor. This feature enhances the ability to detect color variations with 350 cd/m2 brightness.

If you don’t have enough space on your desk, you don’t have to worry about it at all. The Sceptre IPS 27″ comes with wall mountable hangers. Just hang your monitor on the wall, plug in all the cords, and start enjoying the mesmerizing display of this amazing gaming monitor.

Apart from its abilities and credibilities, the refresh rate of Sceptre IPS 27″ is lower comparatively. It supports up to 70 Hz only, which could not be suitable for some gamers. But if you don’t need more than that, then it’s one of the best choices of the best gaming monitors under 200.

6. BenQ 27 Inch Ultra-Slim Bezel Gaming Monitor


Screen Size: 27″ | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Response Time: 5 ms
Screen Surface: Flat, | Specific: Gaming, Personal, Business

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  • Flicker-free eye-protecting screen
  • Auto-brightness adjuster
  • IPS Panel
  • Lack of full ergonomics
  • Lower Refresh Rate


The list continues with another one of the best gaming monitors under 200. BenQ 27″ Ultra-Slim monitor comes up with a thinner panel as compared to others. LIght in weight, prominent in aesthetics, this eye-dazzling gaming monitor also contains many other features that cannot be left unnoticed.

As we mentioned before, a gaming monitor must have at least the recommended refresh rate, resolution, and response time to become one of the best gaming monitors, and BenQ 27″ qualified these recommendations already, that’s the reason we added it to our list.

But what’s exceptional inside this beautiful thin panel that makes it prominent among other monitors? We are about to reveal it now!

The IPS panel eliminates the disadvantage of widescreen, and that is color changing or color fading problem from different angles views. The 27″ monitors are considered widescreen monitors as long as they are used as gaming monitors.

Because, for the gaming, usually you have to sit closer to the screen. However, if you are using a monitor as a television screen then there’s no such issue. But we are talking about gaming monitors here, so it definitely matters.

BenQ 27″ IPS monitor gives you the advantage to not miss a single spot of the screen when you’re sitting closer, and you can be able to see every detail in the original colors from different angles.

Plus, this amazing monitor provides you with a flicker-free screen. The gamers usually use the monitors comparatively longer than any other monitor operator.

Imagine you played a game for 7-8 hours seeing constantly on the screen and when you move your sight to any other object around you, you see horizontal lines between your sight and that object.

Sounds scary? of course, it is. Because what matters the most is your health. So BenQ 27″ IPS monitor protects your vision by providing you with a flicker-free screen that helps you prevent such damages to your eyesight.

Furthermore, its brightness intelligence feature allows you to have variable brightness levels in different lights. This feature works with a sensor that’s installed on the bottom of the monitor under the BenQ embossed log.

This sensor simply detects the change in ambient lighting and adjusts the brightness accordingly so you won’t have to adjust it yourself. It technically saves you time and prevents unexpected losses in battles.

However, its stand doesn’t support full ergonomic rotations. And the refresh rate is comparatively lower. Apart from it, this gorgeous monitor is good to go if you don’t require a higher refresh rate. Because, what else would you want under a $200 budget?

7. LG 29UM59-A 29-Inch UltraWide Gaming Monitor

LG-29UM59-A-29-Inch-UltraWide-Gaming-Monitor under 200

Screen Size: 29″ | Resolution: 2560×1080 | Refresh Rate: 75 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms
Screen Surface: Flat | Specific: Gaming, Personal, Business, Multimedia

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  • Anti-Screen Flickering
  • IPS Panel
  • Dual HDMI ports
  • On-Screen Control Menu
  • Multiple Modes
  • High Resolution
  • Unadjustable and short stand


The deeper you dig the more you discover. There are still some of the best gaming monitors under 200 remaining on this list, and LG 29 UM59 is one of them.

Why we chose it, is obvious from its size, resolution, refresh rate, specs and of course its price. it has qualified the recommendation for a gaming monitor, that’s why we see it fit to be called the best gaming monitor. But as usual, there should be some exceptions that make it prominent among others, and luckily, there are some. Let’s see what’s inside this machine!

This amazing gaming monitor from LG comes up with a beautiful landscape shape. It contains an IPS panel with a wide resolution of 2560×1080 along with a 75 Hz good refresh rate. Everything that a gaming monitor needs is available in the LG 29UM59 gaming monitor. However, there are some extra features that make it prominent.

One of the finest features in LG 29UM59 is its modes feature. It allows you to toggle between modes according to your need at the time. These modes include reader mode, DAS mode, and game mode. In fact, they are ready-made display settings for different modes.

For example, for reading, the better display settings are decreasing brightness and contrast and increasing the saturation and warmth of the colors, so that you can read easily without hurting your vision by constant reading. Just like that, gaming also requires a specific display setting.

But LG 29UM59 saves you some additional efforts and your precious time and provides you with ready-made display modes. All you need to do is to toggle between them and enjoy the display.

If you are wondering how does DAS mode work? The answer is simple. It allows you to lower your monitor’s response time. If you are struggling with response time while playing some super-fast game, you can simply enable this feature. However, it could consume more power.

Furthermore, if you struggle to see shadow details or shadows are too bright, you can enable the black stabilizer feature that will adjust gamma according to the scenario. You don’t have to keep adjusting it manually all the time.

Besides, many gamers struggle and keep complaining about the control buttons. sometimes they are too hard to operate or sometimes their position is not easily accessible. But in LG 29UM59, all of these functions are operatable with an on-screen command menu. LG 29UM59 provides you with an easy operating control menu.

However, LG 29UM59’s refresh rate is not too high, but still better than recommended refresh rates for any gaming monitor. Besides, its other special features are enough to fulfill this lack of a higher refresh rate.

8. AOC C24G1A 24 Inch Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC-C24G1A-24-inch-Curved-Frameless-Gaming Monitor under 200

Screen Size: 24″ | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Refresh Rate: 165 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms
Screen Surface: Curved | Specific: Gaming, Personal, Business

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  • Brief Adjustment Controls
  • Fast Refresh rate
  • No USB Ports
  • Ordinary color accuracy


If you were thinking the list ended, you were wrong. We’ve also added this fine piece of art to this unique list of the best gaming monitors under 200.

AOC is a well-known brand when it comes to gaming. whether it’s PCs, laptops, or monitors, the AOC is proved to be one of the best manufacturers. But what made us add it to the list? Read further…

Qualifying every basic recommendation for a gaming monitor, AOC C24G1A has some extra capabilities for providing the best display on the screen. Let’s pick its refresh rate. What 165 Hz refresh is capable of?….. can’t figure out? Of course, no one can figure it out unless you use it for yourself.

But one thing is assured, you will not face any lag or gap between pixels’ density when you have that much refresh rate on your monitor. Plus, the images will render even faster.

Furthermore, its curved design helps you to see thoroughly on the whole screen at a time. With the best refresh rate and HD resolution, AOC C24G1A is also considered the best-curved gaming monitor, and that too is under a $200 budget.

AOC C24G1A doesn’t have an IPS panel, but a VA panel, which is indeed not better than IPS but yet not lesser than it.  VA panel allows you to view from a wide-angle of 178 degrees. This feature makes vision even better.

One thing that gamers need more than anything in a gaming monitor is free-sync. And AOC C24G1A also provides this amazing tech. The built-in AMD free-sync tech allows you to syn your GPU with the monitor’s refresh rate which means a lot more speed to your monitor’s graphics.

If you are addicted to IPS panel monitors, then this might not be your choice, otherwise, AOC C24G1A has everything a gamer needs desperately in a gaming monitor.

9. AOC 24G2 24 Inch Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC 24G2 24 inch Frameless Gaming Monitor under 200

Screen Size: 24″ | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms
Screen Surface: Flat | Specific: Gaming, Personal, Multimedia

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  • IPS Panel
  • Fast Refresh Rate
  • Free Sync 2
  • The vibrant color output
  • Poor Brigtness Adjustment
  • No USB-C port


Another best of the best gaming monitors under 200 of AOC that has qualified to be on the list. Let’s dig a bit deeper to get to know what this monitor has to offer you.

AOC 24G2 comes with a frameless body allowing you to unlock a cool feature of the bezel with minimal distraction. Enjoy the display as wider as you can and that too without any distraction or gap between the screens.

On the other hand, this product of the AOC 24G series contains an IPS panel, which means you have more advantages of the display.

Including its 144Hz amazing refresh rate, 1ms response time, and HD resolution of 1080p, this mesmerizing gaming monitor provides AMD free sync for a smooth gameplay experience. Just syn your GPU with the monitor’s refresh rate and acquire a faster refresh rate and better image rendering process.

What’s more mentionable is its adjustable stand. You can easily adjust the height of the stand and make it fit for your view. you can tilt, pivot and swivel.  Plus you can mount it on the wall if you want a constant view angle or want to save some space from your desk.

10. LG Full HD IPS UltraWide Monitor (25UM58)

LG-Full-HD-IPS-UltraWide-Monitor-25UM58 gaming monitor under 200

Screen Size: 25″ | Resolution: 2560×1080 | Refresh Rate: 75 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms
Screen Surface: Flat | Specific: Gaming, Personal

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  • Power Saver
  • IPS Panel
  • Convenient tools
  • Incompatible with dark rooms


One of the best LG’s multipurpose monitors, LG 25UM58 comes with UW-FHD resolution. However, as far as gaming is concerned this monitor has all the recommended features mandatory for gaming. Let’s dig a bit deeper to discover what does it have to give you.

The first benefit of this amazing gaming monitor is it comes with an IPS panel that solves many problems that usually gamers encounter. Besides, LG 25UM58 allows you to slice your screen in half using its screen split 2.0 feature.

What’s special in this gaming monitor is the additional features that make it easier to play without any annoying interruption and provide the best gaming experience.

LG 25UM58 provides the 3 different gaming modes, 2 modes are for first-person shooter games, and the last one for real-time strategy, just pick one that suits you best and start enjoying your adventurous gaming journey.

Besides, you can have additional gaming features by enabling the black stabilizer that will make the gaming experience even better. Plus you have the advantage to control all these settings and features with on-screen control.


Gaming is fun when you have the right gaming peripherals in your gaming room. And without a screen or monitor don’t ever expect a good experience at all. Though gaming monitors with high tech upgrades would give you an incredibly great experience,, gaming monitors in $200 budget could also be a great deal if you are with a limited budget and still want to play high graphics games on your computer. Above, we listed all the possible choices that could enhance your gaming experience within your limits of expenses. Choose what matches the best in your limits and could get you powerful gaming fun.

Keep on gamig happy shopping!

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